OpenWithView 1.11

Customize the "Open with" menu


  • Fast, easy way to clean Open with dialog windows


  • You can't add new apps to the list
  • You can't rearrange the list or make certain apps appear on top

Not bad

Different file types are usually associated to different applications, which means they're opened with a specific program when you double click on them.

But in case you didn't know, you can change these associations by right clicking on any file and selecting the "Open with" option. What's more, OpenWithView now lets you customize the list of applications that appears on that window.

This comes in very handy if Windows displays way too many apps or when you want to get rid of a program you don't use that often.

Using OpenWithView is a cinch: simply unzip the file, launch the program and select the items in the list that you don't want to appear in the Open with menu.

Changes are saved automatically. Unfortunately you can only remove apps that are already on the list (no support to add new ones). Also, if I could add any ideas to the program's wishlist, they would be having the possibility to select the applications that appear on top of the list and customize the app list according to the file's extension.

OpenWithView lets you easily customize the list of applications that appear in the "Open with" menu when you right click on any file.

Fixed the icons problem on Windows 7/x64


  • Fixed the icons problem on Windows 7/x64

OpenWithView is a small utility that displays the list of all available applications in the 'Open With' dialog-box of Windows, and allows you to easily disable/enable the applications in the list.

When application is disabled, it won't be displayed in the 'Other Programs' section of the 'Open With' dialog-box. This utility can be useful if your 'Open With' window displays too much applications, and you want to remove the applications that you don't use frequently.



OpenWithView 1.11

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